Does Jumping On A Trampoline Make You Taller?

Jumping on a trampoline may make you taller, provided you have yet to reach your 18th age. Once you are 18 years, there’s no magic trick to increase your height. Other factors such as gender, body type, and genetics also play a crucial role in the tallness you can attain.

Does jumping on a trampoline make you taller? all you need to know

If you want answers to ‘whether jumping on a trampoline can make you taller’, you have arrived at the right place.

Does jumping on a trampoline make you taller?

The answer to the above question is simple, and that is a “no”. No trick can make you taller after a certain age. However, exercising and using trampolines can help you reach your best potential, provided you are under 18. And essentially follow a fitness regime continuously and for years.

Though there won’t be any increase in your height by jumping on a trampoline, it allows you to remain healthy and achieve your optimum potential. Regular bouncing on the trampoline promotes the growth plates in your bones. In addition, stretching de-stresses the joints and bones, ideally enabling the body to grow taller.

Does jumping on a trampoline make you taller (detail explain)

Jumping on a trampoline results in an increase in bone density. It prevents bone loss which is apparent with aging. It also impedes or delays the effects of osteoporosis. Loss of bones and osteoporosis result in a height decrease. Jumping on a trampoline reverses this process to retain your height.

The rebounding motion when you bounce on trampolines benefits you in several ways. Your body rids off unwanted hormones and toxins, thereby improving your endocrine system. It also helps to balance the hormones appropriately.

Regular bouncing on the trampoline restrains you from emotional eating. It helps you regulate your mood, delivering positive hormones that prevent you from eating redundantly.

Regular bouncing on the trampoline helps to improve your posture. It is because aging results in an increase in spine curvature. A coiled spine is recoiled by jumping on a trampoline, which helps to attain the correct posture.

Does jumping on a trampoline stunt growth?

Trampolines pose the risk of getting children injured or breaking their bones, damaging growth plates, which ultimately results in stunting the growth of the body.

According to pediatricians, jumping on trampolines may injure the children, irrespective of the trampoline type, be it a full-sized backyard, floor trampoline, or exercise trampoline.

In short, jumping on trampolines helps stimulate growth but is also dangerous for kids. Instances of kids getting fractured have been found. A damaged growth plate can halt the kid’s growth immediately.

Is trampoline good for kids’ growth?

Trampoline benefits the kids’ in several ways. However, you shouldn’t limit your kid to excessively jumping on trampolines alone. Allow him to follow other worthy exercises too. A kid needs to undergo physical activity for overall growth and health.

Is trampoline good for kids' growth

However, today the new generation of kids is trapped in the world of gadgets, limiting their physical activity to less or zero. The American CDC recommends children from 6 to 17 years perform aerobic activities for at least 1 hour daily. Regular jumping on a trampoline ideally helps in optimizing your kid’s growth.

Benefits of trampoline jumping

  • Good for the heart: Regular jumping on a trampoline strengthens the muscles of the heart and eases the burden of pumping blood, resulting in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.Jumping on a trampoline helps to get rid of obesity. In addition, it enhances the tolerance level strengthening the heart, lungs, and musculoskeletal system, and bone density.
  • Boosts Intelligence and Cognitive Capability: Jumping is a physical activity connected to brain development. It enhances the link between the brain and the nerve cells.
  • Develop coordination and motor skills: Jumping regularly on a trampoline elevates body cognition. It results in achieving high coordination and motor skills. Kids with inadequate coordination and motor skills may benefit from jumping on trampolines.
  • Strengthens your immune system: Jumping activity on the trampoline activates inactive circulation and drainage, detoxifies the body, and strengthens the immune system. Regular rebounding improves your blood circulation. 
  • Strengthens eye muscles: Regular jumping increases the G-force on all body parts. This increase in G-force results in the strengthening of the ocular nerves and eye muscles. Rebounding stimulates your eye cell lenses helping them to regain their original shape and position.
  • Reduces anxiety and elevates mood: Jumping on the trampoline results in the body releasing endorphins. The endorphins give out a sense of calmness and happiness. 
  • Promotes mental health: Improved blood circulation allows the max amount of fresh oxygen supply to the brain, which promotes mental acuity and focus. The trampoline helps with cross-patterning activities that help two hemispheres of the brain to communicate in a better way. The cumulative result is improved mental capacity promoting mental health.

Studies and research on the effects of trampoline jumping on height

The trampoline manufacturers may assure you of a height increase by using their product regularly. But sadly, there’s no scientific evidence to prove this. Realistically, you can increase your height up to a certain age only. After that, it’s impossible to go taller.

Existing studies evaluating the height results of trampoline users are doubtful whether the increase in height results from bouncing on trampolines or other exercises. More than jumping on the trampoline, certain exercises are more beneficial in increasing height provided within a certain age. Those exercises apart from using a trampoline, pose a less threat of injury, according to experts.

There’s no promising data as of date, to claim that jumping on a trampoline increases a person’s height.

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The answer to ‘does jumping on a trampoline make you taller’ can be tricky. Yes, you can increase your height, provided you are under 18. However, the trampoline offers many benefits if you use it regularly.

Regular bouncing on a trampoline helps to improve your health, lungs, bone density, coordination, mental health, and several other benefits. It’s beneficial to kids too. However, care must be taken to avoid kids getting injured while bouncing on the trampoline.

To summarise, regular bouncing on a trampoline doesn’t affect your height, after the age of 18. However, you still can benefit by using it. And having a trampoline in your backyard will double up as an element to have quality time for family together.

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