About Us

A warm welcome to the YardOnly family, a place where you get to learn and get inspired to become outdoor enthusiasts. 

YardOnly has been created with one agenda – to help people understand the value of being in close connection with nature. And what else could keep you in constant contact with nature other than a piece of greenery in your backyard? 

So, we are here to help you build, maintain and enhance your backyard with many educational and informative blogs. We like to help people understand how to get started with a backyard or a front yard and make it look like a dreamy wonderland, just like your little bit of heaven. 

YardOnly guides you through everything you need to know about gardening, landscaping, grilling and more. You will learn about basic to advanced tools you need, things a gardening project requires and tips and tricks to keep your yard healthy and flourishing. Keeping in mind the seasonal and climate changes, we also curate specific informative articles to strengthen your yard despite futile weather conditions. 

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on now to enjoy this journey with us to get aligned with nature once again, leaving the hurly-burly of daily life behind. 

Author Bio

Hello everyone! I’m (your name), a (your age) years old (your profession) and an outdoor maniac. 

I created YardOnly to convey the knowledge and wisdom I gained from my parents to the entire world to inspire more people. 

Growing up on the outskirts of a metro city, I have realised how much it means to keep oneself in close company with nature. My family has always been an outdoor enthusiast, and we used to dedicate our Sundays entirely to polishing, gardening and maintaining our yard. 

As life went on, I soon needed to leave my life there and move into the bigger city. However, my innate passion for gardening never left me. I set up a backyard and helped many friends do the same. That’s when it dawned on me; how about I share my knowledge and help out more people like me who, despite living in a city, want to embrace nature?

So, within a few hours, I created YardOnly, the one-stop destination for all outdoor devotees! You can often see me working on my laptop and connecting to my YardOnly community sitting in my backyard, enjoying every bit of sun and greenery.