Can Adults Go In Bounce Houses? (Yes, They Can)

Bounce houses are one of the ways to celebrate a birthday or any other event in a sporty way. Though meant for kids to enjoy this sporty tent, but can adults go in bounce houses? yes, adults can also join and enjoy the fun with bounce houses.

Bounce houses come in different sizes- small, medium, and large. So it will be safe for adults to enjoy the bounce houses after confirming the dimensions. On the safer side, individuals of similar heights should enter the bounce houses at the same time. It is because the varying heights of the users may invite a mishap.

Can adults go in bounce houses? what you need to know

Ensure to check whether the bounce house can handle a weight of an adult. It is also crucial to understand the number of adults that can use the bounce house together. If you aren’t aware of what bounce houses are, here is a brief explanation.

Can Adults Go In Bounce Houses?

Yes, adults can go in bounce houses. There is nothing to worry about for any adult hesitant to enter the bounce house. Adults can have fun, as much as the kids have, by enjoying the bounce houses.

Provided the bounce houses are of suitable size and able to restrain the weight of the adult. The good news is that the medium and large bounce houses suffice to handle the weight of adults entering them.

There are a few types of bounce houses, and not all are suitable for adults. Let us understand what kind of bounce house is safe for adults to enjoy.

Bounce house suitable for adults

For adults to enjoy bounce houses, ensure the bounce house is of commercial grade, which means it is built with sturdy and robust materials and will cope with the weight of adults. 

It may be more pricey than the regular ones, but not more expensive than your injuries or any mishaps due to sub-standard material. You don’t want the house to deflate while enjoying, leading to an unforeseen incident. 

The size of a bounce house for adults may range between 13′ and 15′ in width and 13′ and 21′ in length. This bounce house may handle the weight of around 1,000 lbs at a time, which means approximately five adults.

Ensure to be extra careful while you anchor down the bounce house. Improper anchoring of bounce houses may lead to severe injuries. The jumping movement of adults may lead to wobbling up of the bounce house and may result in tilting of the bounce house.

More importantly, ensure the bounce house is appropriately inflated and doesn’t have any leaks. Now, let us look at what bounce houses adults should not enter.

Bounce houses unsuitable for adults

The bounce houses for kids are the ones that every adult should avoid. You can readily identify those, as they measure 10′ x 10′ or less than that and can accommodate inside the house. 

If you notice the house is deflating, it’s a warning about the presence of heavy-weight jumpers. This situation may arise whenever an adult tries to play on a bounce house designed only for kids. 

Ignoring the deflation further may lead to unpleasant events, damaging the bounce house material and the stitchings.

If you are wondering how many adults can have fun in a bounce house at a given time, let’s move on to the next section.

Number of adults to use bounce house at a given time

As mentioned earlier, a typical bounce house can accommodate 4 to 5 adults handling a weight of 1000 lbs at a given time.

However, in the case of a larger bounce house, ensure to check the weight limit and how many persons it can accommodate. 

Number of adults to use bounce house at a given time

To keep yourself safe, allow the weight and number of persons lesser than the limits mentioned on the bounce house.

You might wonder whether you can enjoy the bounce house with your kids. Well, let’s throw some light on that too.

Bounce Houses? What are they?

The bounce house is an inflatable setup. Generally, they are rectangular with meshed walls. The meshed walls enable the kids to look outside while having fun in the interiors of the bounce house.

The bounce house floor comprises foam to give a velvety feel and cushion when anyone falls on them. Bounce house offers many exciting features like pools, slides, etc., mainly designed to deliver a fun-filled experience safely to the kids. 

Bounce Houses

Most families prefer to arrange bounce houses on rent for their kid’s birthday parties or any other event. As of today, it’s one of the most popular choices. In short, it’s a small amusement park that you can bring into your backyard.

Can an adult accompany kids to the bounce house?

Well, it again narrows down to the physicality of the adult and the kid. It depends on the real-time scenario. For kids, who cannot jump on their own, as new to bounce houses or smaller kids, the adults need to join them to keep a watch and help the kids.

On the other hand, adults with small kids and those who can jump on their own shouldn’t accompany their kids. It is because the impact of an adult falling on the floor is much more than that of children. If a kid is already on the floor, followed by an adult jumping there, it may launch the kid into the air and lead to some unpleasant issues.

Apart from adults, kids of different ages, weights, and heights should also avoid using the bounce house together to prevent mishaps.

Can an adult accompany kids to the bounce house

Bounce houses are not only for fun but also offer a few benefits if we look from that perspective.

  1. Regular playing on bounce houses helps to stay fit.
  2. You will notice an improvisation in your balancing and coordination.
  3. They are stress busters.

Let us understand how to keep yourself safe in a bounce house.

Keeping yourself safe in a bounce house

Let’s look at a few tips to keep yourself safe in a bounce house.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions thoroughly before you set up your bounce house.
  • Ensure you set up the bounce house on a flat surface.
  • To repeat, ensure the anchoring of the bounce house is up to the mark before you start with the bouncing activities.
  • Ensure that children of the same size and age play at a given time in the bounce house.
  • Ensure no other gaming activities happen in the surrounding area of the bounce house. Prevent anyone from jumping or running into the bounce house accidentally or deliberately.
  • Avoid using a bounce house in certain situations, such as high winds, bad weather, lightning, or rain.
  • Ensure you don’t ever cross the limit of the weights and occupancy of the bounce house. 
  • Ensure you set up the bounce house at having substantial distance from aloft objects like telephone/power cables, fences, or trees.
  • Prevent any kid from climbing or sitting on the exterior side of the bounce house.
  • Ensure no kid attempts to jump out of the bounce house, despite he/she close to the ground.

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Frequently Asked Questions (fAQs)

Can adults go in bounce houses?

Yes, adults can go in a bounce house, specially made with commercial grade and having medium or big size.

How can I prevent a bounce house from tipping off?

Ensure you anchor the bounce house properly before using it.

Can a bounce house fly away?

Yes, it can fly away with people in it when the wind speed crosses 20 miles per hour. Avoid using a bounce house whenever you notice a surge in the speed of the wind.


Now we can conclude that adults can also enjoy bounce houses, provided they are of the appropriate size and commercial grade. With some safety measures, it is possible to have fun with the bounce houses, with a couple of benefits added if used regularly.

Adults can play with kids in a bounce house in two situations. Firstly, when the kids are small, new to bounce houses, and need help from adults. Secondly, when the heights and weights of the kids and adults are the same. 

Using bounce houses by users having varying heights at the same time is a bad idea and should be avoided.

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