Is it Bad to Sleep on a Trampoline? (Unveiling the Truth)

Everyone understands the fun a trampoline brings. It’s an outdoor activity, so a natural question arises: Is it bad to sleep on a trampoline? Trampolines are lovely for sleeping on, provided you take due care before you sleep overnight on them.

Is it bad to sleep on a trampoline? all you need to know

This article aims to answer all the questions related to sleeping on a trampoline, that includes the benefits and drawbacks, what safety measures you need to take for sleeping on a trampoline, how to camp on a trampoline, etc.

Is it bad to sleep on a trampoline? 

No, it is not bad to sleep on a trampoline occasionally. Sleeping on a trampoline can be joyful and an opportunity to connect with nature. Imagine you and your friends or family members spending the night on a trampoline, casually talking while gazing at the stars. Sleeping on a trampoline saves you from setting up a tent.

Equip the trampoline with a safety net and ensure the padding of the poles and springs is appropriate. Experts suggest sleeping on a trampoline occasionally. Since trampolines lack firmness, they fail to provide adequate support to your body, resulting in back pain if anyone sleeps on a trampoline regularly. 

Sleeping on a trampoline is enjoyable, allowing you to have fun with your friends, provided you follow the safety instructions and secure all the loopholes beforehand, with proper care.

Benefits of sleeping on a trampoline

Sleeping on a trampoline has its benefits. You get to spend a few quality hours with friends and family, a relaxing moment, and a unique experience to bond with nature.

Benefits of sleeping on a trampoline

Let’s look at a few benefits of sleeping on a trampoline.

It’s fun to sleep on a trampoline

The trampoline features a bouncy surface. The moment you lay down on it, your body starts unwinding. You feel like sleeping on a lightweight object, such as a cloud for example, that offers you an enjoyable and unique experience while sleeping. Moreover, gazing at the sky and counting stars before sleeping is another way to connect with nature and adore the universe’s vastness.

Facilitates your meditation

When you gaze at the sky, counting the stars and searching for galaxies, it’s a great way to be with yourself. There’s absolutely no distraction, no disturbance. It is one great moment to be with yourself and connect with the universe. An opportunity to meditate with utmost concentration and destress yourself while releasing your inner energy. 

Rebond with your kith and kins

Sleeping on a trampoline with your family is a great way to reconnect with them. It’s a great way to have out-of-the-box discussions on various topics with your family, relatives, and friends and enjoy the night out. You can even plan fun activities like games or similar to make the most out of it. You can cherish this moment of sleeping on a trampoline with your family for a lifetime.

Drawbacks of sleeping on a trampoline

Sleeping on a trampoline can be risky too. We do have to plan and secure the risky part before deciding to sleep on a trampoline. When you sleep on a trampoline you face the risk of falling off it. Another risk that you need to consider is about sudden changes in the weather. In addition, regular sleeping on a trampoline can develop back pains.

Drawbacks of sleeping on a trampoline

Let’s look at these risks to help you to take proper care beforehand.

Falling off the trampoline

Many individuals move a lot during sleep. Sleeping on a trampoline is not suitable for these types of individuals. Remember, trampolines are the outside, on the grounds. So if anyone falls off the trampoline, he or she is prone to get injured, as we aren’t sure about the surface on which they fall. It may lead to severe injuries, such as fractures, soft tissue wounds, traumas, etc.

You must install a safety net around the trampoline to avert the above risk.

Bad weather risk

The weather can change at any time. There’s a risk of experiencing bad weather situations, such as rain, high wind, high humidity, and chilly weather, when you sleep on a trampoline.

Despite having ideal weather, you may have trouble with mosquitoes, insects, and other pests. The best way to mitigate the above risks is by setting up a tent on the trampoline. It provides you with an extra layer of shelter.

Regular sleeping on a trampoline can develop back pain

Because of its bouncy surface, a trampoline will not support your back. Regularly sleeping on a trampoline may result in misalignment of the spine. Hence, experts recommend avoiding sleeping on a trampoline regularly. 

It’s wise to use a trampoline once in a while for sleeping to keep away the risk of back pain.

What to do when sleeping on a trampoline?

Let us now look at a few precautions after you decide to sleep on a trampoline.

What to do when sleeping on a trampoline

Read the trampoline manual

It’s vital to go through the instructions from the trampoline manual, which includes the correct installation procedure, how much weight the trampoline can sustain, how to install the safety net etc.

Keep the trampoline as low as possible to the ground

When you place the trampoline at a low level, the risk of anyone falling off and getting injured decreases. 

Inspect your trampoline regularly

Always check for any issues, problems, or defects in your trampoline before you use it. The checking includes the sturdiness of the frame, mat cleanliness, and is free of clutter. Mandatory inspections of the trampoline before use can save you from uncertain accidents.

Equip poles and springs with safety pads

Having pads and cushions around the trampoline frame and springs acts as a protective cover, especially for kids who run helter-skelter while playing and may accidentally rush into the poles or springs, consequently injuring themselves.

A safety net is a must

If your mattress doesn’t come with a safety net, buy one. Installation of a safety net is mandatory to avoid the risk of falling off the trampoline and getting injured. Avoid using trampolines for kids under the age of 6. The bones of these age groups aren’t yet well-developed, and any mishap may cause lifetime damage to these youngsters.

Heavy Blankets as a mat cover

Cover the mat with heavy blankets. It provides warmth and coziness for you when you sleep on the trampoline.

What to do when sleeping on a trampoline

Be ready with a light source

Sleeping in the open invites many challenges. Therefore, equip yourself with a light source such as a rechargeable lamp or a torch. If you can install a system of running lights around the trampoline, it may keep dangerous species away, as they are afraid of it and won’t come near.

How do you camp on a trampoline?

Camping on a trampoline is a great opportunity to have fun and relax with family and friends. Let’s look at how to camp on a trampoline.

How do you camp on a trampoline

Cleaning the mat

Get rid of all the dust and debris from the trampoline. Wipe the mat using a damp cloth, and then dry it using a dry, clean cloth.

Keep ready with blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags

A sleeping bag can save you from unpredictable weather changes such as unprecedented rains or chilly weather. In addition, keep ready foam mats, mattress toppers, picnic rugs, and thin mattresses that can act as bed sheets. Blankets, cushions, duvets, and pillows help you keep yourself warm and comfortable.

Setting a tent

Setting up a tent provides an extra layer of shelter, protecting you from rain, wind, and sunlight. A tent also prevents you from rolling on either side. However, you will miss the stars and the natural view when you set up a tent.

Trampoline decoration

You can set up curtains, a canopy, or fairy lights to decorate your trampoline and add more value to the fun. You can also decorate the inside with plastic balls or balloons of different colors to delight your kids.

Keep ready with your books, snacks, and games

Enjoy your camping on the trampoline by reading books while munching on your favorite snacks. Plan a few fun games and play them with your family and friends to make the experience unique.


How can we forget the music? Equip yourself with your favorite songs and devices to play with and add extra fun to your camping.

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Sleeping on a trampoline is fun and safe if you do it occasionally. Avoid sleeping on a trampoline regularly, as it may cause back pain. Sleeping on a trampoline has benefits and risks. It’s advisable to follow the appropriate instructions and impose safety measures before sleeping on it. I hope I have been able to answer your question: Is it bad to sleep on a trampoline? properly. If you still have any confusion, let me know in the comment box.

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