How to hide transformer box in yard? (Step By Step Guide)

A transformer box in your beautiful yard surely puts a damper on the looks of your property. Thankfully, there are many ways you can hide transformer box. Using potted plants, a designed garden, or a trellis is the best way to hide it. In this article, we have covered a few essential pointers that you need to consider. 

How to hide transformer box in yard?

Transformer boxes are vital, and unfortunate residents are often stuck with the transform boxes placed in their yards. The issue is you cannot move the box. Even if it looks hideous in your yard, you will have to bear it.

Besides killing the aesthetics, the transformer box in your yard can face multiple other safety issues. For instance, it might accumulate moisture during the winter or monsoon season or may be attacked by vandals.  

How to hide transformer box in yard? comprehensive guide

Step 1: Measure the transformer box

Many people choose to cover the transformer box by making some sort of wooden fixture around it. Another way to cover the transformer box is by purchasing the various pre-boxes available. However, before you get there, it’s essential to measure the size of your box to pick an ideal enclosure.

If the measurements are incorrect, the enclosure may look too big, or worse; it may not fit the transformer within. In addition to the box itself, consider the wiring length or any other feature of the box. 

Step 2: Research and select a cover or enclosure

There are many ways to hide the transformer box in your yard aesthetically, and one way to do that is by using covers and enclosures. Multiple types of pre-made covers and enclosures are available in the market, like concealed door cabinets.

It’s a simple solution and doesn’t let the transformer ruin the aesthetic appeal of your property. These can either be store-bought or tailored to suit your requirements. If you are buying these, pay special attention to the material and ensure it’s durable and ideal for your locality. 

A caste is another option you can explore, ideal for those interested in DIY projects. You can build one of these to hide the electrical meter. Many people use raised legs under the caste to keep it dry.

However, opting for a wooden structure may not be a good option if you live in wet regions. No matter which type of enclosure you choose, make sure it takes the size of the transformer into account and is weather resistant and aesthetically appealing. 

Step 3: Install the cover or enclosure

Most enclosures and covers are easy to install and require no tools. You simply place the transformer box inside the case and lock it. However, some might require a few nails and a screwdriver to keep the setup in place.

Install the cover or enclosure for transformer box

Don’t forget about the transformer box once you have set it within a box. It’s important to check the case or enclosure regularly to ensure no damage or leakage around the box. It’s advisable to open the box from time to time to check the condition of the transformer within. 

What can I plant to hide an electrical box? 

Many people choose to hide their transformer box by surrounding it with plants. The most common types of plants include: 

What can I plant to hide an electrical box
  • Shrubs: It’s a good idea to plant shrubs in groups and then prune them daily to form a hedge. You can opt for a single shrub, larger shrubs, or a free form to hide the utility box. The most common types of shrubs include American boxwood and Glossy Abelia. 
  • Dwarf conifers: Though these are a popular option, dwarf conifers don’t grow very quickly. But thankfully, most of these plants are evergreen, thus keeping the box hidden throughout the year. 
  • Climbing vines: You can also use climbing vines and other creepers to hide your utility box. The most popular options are climbing rose, morning glory, or American wisteria. 
  • Ornamental grasses are the best option as they grow tall enough in one season to hide the utility boxes. 

Is it legal to cover utility boxes?

Indeed, in some states, covering the utility box is illegal as it belongs to the utility company. Thus, it’s important to fact-check with the local authorities before covering the transformer. 

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Indeed, the yard’s transformer box looks hideous and I hope this guide regarding how to hide transformer box in yard will help you cleverly covering it up. However, before you get there, you must measure the dimensions of the box to buy or make a fitting box or enclosure.

Besides being aesthetic, the enclosure or cover you select must be weather resistant. You can also opt for a few plants to cover your utility box. But before proceeding with any of that, check the law in your locality regarding covering the utility box. 

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