Do Deer Like The Smell Of Weed? (Expert’s Guide)

Weed smoking is legalized in many parts of the world, and hunters often indulge in it before or while hunting. But do deer like the smell of weed? The question is essential for deer hunters, so let’s find out.  

Do Deer Like The Smell Of Weed? all you need to know

Do Deer Like The Smell Of Weed?

As noted by many deer hunters, deer has a fondness for the smell of marijuana. From that context, yes, deer like the smell of weed.

Though most animals do not like the smell of weed, deer enjoy munching on this particular harvest. Deer often can smell plants and prefer ones that bear fruits, berries, grains, and other edibles. 

Will The Smell Of Weed Scare Deer Away?

While some deer are attracted to the scent of weed, other types of deer are not, and it’s hard to tell which ones like it. Though the smell of weed is plant-based, which deer often like, some are repelled by it, but it’s not enough to scare them. 

Deer often do not venture to places that smell alien to them. Thus, hunters often try to stay as smelly as possible, avoiding weed and cigarettes during the hunt. However, there is no evidence to suggest that deer are scared off by the smell of weed. 

Will The Smell Of Weed Scare Deer Away

What Smell Scares Deer Away?

While deer love the smell of fruit-bearing and flower-bearing plants, they some plant-based smells they hate and are often scared of them. 

1. Marigold

The smell of the marigold flower is one such that can scare away deer. These flowers have a strong smell and keep away deer.

The smell of marigolds not only effectively covers the smell of the plants the deer think of as food but also the smell of the hunters. Marigolds are the best deer deterrent in any situation, and many people plant them in their gardens for their beauty. 


2. Mint


Mint is another popular deer resistant and can be used in several ways to keep deer away. Many people plant mint leaves in the garden as a natural deer repellent.

Of all the species of mint, peppermint and spearmint have the strongest smell and are often used by hunters to mask their smell. Hunters often use mint as essential oil and apply some amount of it to their clothing. Though the smell of mint plants scares deer, it can be effective for defense in the wild.

2. Wolf Pee

Wild animals have a heightened sense of smell; the same applies to deer. Deer are very flexible and have a high sense of flight in case of danger. They thus stay in a heavily wooded area and run away at the first sign of trouble.

The smell of wolf urine will keep away deer as wolves are their natural predator. Wild pee is available on some premium hunting sites and is often used by seasoned hunters for natural defense in the wild. 

What Smell Attracts Deer?

Like there a certain scents that repel or scare a deer, there are a few that attract them and make them curious. Knowing such smells can help hunters attract all kinds of deer in the wild. 

1. Doe And Buck Urine

This is regular deer urine. The smell of their urine calms their nerves and makes them curious about the ‘new’ deer in the locality. This scent can be used during any hunting season, as deer always pee in the woods. But this fragrance may not be as effective as the estrous scent.

2. Doe Estrous Scent

As the name suggests, this scent is gathered from the doe when she is in heat. The hormone change alters the smell in their urine, indicating to the buck that she is ready to mate.

Hunters use this fragrance on the front and back of their ruts to attract a curious bucks. 

Doe Estrous Scent

3. Buck Tarsal Gland Smell

Buck Tarsal Gland Smell

When a buck hurts its leg, it holds its back legs together while peeing. The urine trails down to the tarsal gland, a patch of fur near the deer’s knew.

The fur patch also receives additional oil and hormone secretion. This fur patch works as an awesome attractant but must only be used when the buck is rutting actively and checking for hurts. 

Are Deer Attracted To Weed Smoke?

Though there is still not much evidence to support this claim, many hunters opine that deer have developed a fondness for the smell of weed. Though most animals find the taste of cannabis unpleasant due to the high terpene content in the plant during harvest, deer somehow love it. 

What Will Attract Deer Fast?

There are different things hunters often use to attract deer, and some of these things work better and faster than others. We have picked up some of the top deer attractants that will attract deer quicker. 

What Will Attract Deer Fast
  • Shelled corns: This is the most common type of deer attractant. This bait is easy to find, and all types of deer like munching on this food. Often hunters combine it with other baits as well. 
  • Minerals: Deer require a few minerals to stay well and to digest their food. Such essential minerals include calcium and sodium, which can also be used as essential deer attractants. In states that legalize minerals as baits, hunters use them frequently during their hunts. 
  • Acorns: Though this is a free and natural bait, you will have to put in some effort to find them. You have to start plucking the acorns manually. Once your bucket is full of acorns, dump them in your food plot. 
  • Deer scent: Deer often smell 500-1000 times better than most humans. Deer like Whitetail can see the forest through their noses; whenever the wind blows and they catch a new whiff of the smell, they are off. Thus, deer attractants are very popular among hunters and have proved to be the most effective. 

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