Can You Walk On New Sod? Everything You Should Know

Sod is another term for turf grass which is the upper layer of grass along with a thin layer of soil that is mostly harvested into rolls. The soil is held together with the root system or a fine layer of biodegradable material. Sod is mainly used to make lawns in private homes, commercial places, schools, and colleges. But, can you walk on new sod? let’s find out.

Installing a new sod is always a special beauty to your home or any other place and turns the lawn into a lush green oasis. However, it is not advised immediately to walk on newly installed sod, and one should wait for a minimum of 2 weeks to properly enjoy its beauty. 

Can you walk on New Sod? Everything You Should Know

Can You Walk On New Sod?

It is not recommended to walk immediately on newly installed sod, and to enjoy its full beauty; you need to wait for at least 2 weeks before you should walk on it. If you start to walk immediately on a newly installed sod, it would wreak damage to the grass level and harm the roots to establish and thrive properly.

Once the sod develops shallow roots, after 2 weeks, you can walk on the sod.

In some cases, it is also suggested to wait for two months. If the sod pulls readily with simple effort, you should know that the roots are not developed and should not step into it. Strong roots are capable of withstanding resistance and are capable of surviving significant footfall. 

Can Dogs Walk On New Sod?

It is always preferable not to let dogs walk on new sod. When a new sod is installed, the roots are very close to the surface and more susceptible to animal urine damage. So until the roots of the sod are firmly established, you should completely stop dogs from stepping on the new sod.

Can Dogs Walk On New Sod

So you should stop your dog not to step onto the sod for a minimum of 2 months so that it does not get damaged. It is better to keep a separate area in your garden for the dogs to play around, so they do not step onto the sod. Furthermore, you should not let dogs urinate on sod during the early morning and night because the nitrogen levels in the urine are at their highest. It is also one of the common reason behind dead sod.

What Happens If You Walk On Sod Too Soon?

If you walk on new sod before the roots are firmly established into the soil, these fragile grass roots won’t be able to develop properly due to resistance and will get damaged soon. So if you walk on it before the shallow roots are properly developed, these fragile young roots would get permanently damaged and won’t develop properly.

What Should You Not Do With New Sod?

You should not water less in case of new sod installation, and it is better to water it twice daily during the morning and afternoon so that the roots develop strongly.

However, it is strictly advised not to water new sod during the evening as there is less heat and more water accumulates on the sod, resulting in the formation of fungal diseases on the sod. Once the roots are properly developed, you should not water them so frequently. Moreover, you should never overwater new sod. 

What Should You Not Do With New Sod

You should not use a riding mower on new sod as it is extremely heavy, and its powered wheels would tear off the new sod. You can mow the grass only when the roots of the sod are completely developed and strong. However, using the mower, you should never cut more than 1/3rd of the grass blades.

How Long Does It Take Sod To Root?

The temperature and season depend a lot on the sod to root. In general, the sod should start developing its roots in 5 to 15 days during summer and almost 20 to 30 days during winter. It means that if the temperature is warm, the sod will root quickly. Initially, the shallow roots should develop in two weeks, and the roots should not dry out.

If the new sod dries out during its 1st week, the lawn’s complete health will be seriously compromised. For the sod to completely develop strong deep roots, it would take almost 6 weeks. This is why it is always best to wait for 2 months before you start walking on new sod. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does dog pee hurt new sod?

Dog pee is extremely dangerous for new sod, especially during the early morning and night. Because during these two times, the nitrogen levels of the urine are extremely high which can seriously damage the new roots of the newly installed sod. So it is better not to let the dog roam on new sod.

Can you overwater new sod?

Yes, it is possible to overwater new sod. Generally, for the first two weeks, it is advised to water twice daily in the morning and afternoon to water the sod. However, if you water a huge quantity and too much moisture accumulates, you will overwater them, preventing roots from developing.

How long should I water the new sod?

The new sod for the first 2 weeks must be watered twice daily in the morning and afternoon for twenty minutes per session. It is always best to water sod for six inches per watering cycle for the shallow roots to develop properly.


Your lawn is a beautiful part of your garden, and growing sod always adds that extra beauty to a lush green oasis. It is essential to take care of new sod, and now you also know can you walk on new sod or not.

Generally, You should wait for the shallow roots to develop properly, which takes two weeks. If you walk before this period, the fragile roots would get damaged permanently, and the roots would not develop completely. It is also important to water new sod regularly, twice a day. 

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